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Orange Kush

Orange Kush

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VIBE Pouches taste and WORK like nothing else on the market.

STOP wasting money on other CBD products that are just destroyed in the gut!

- VIBE uses water soluble CBD - not isolates that most other products use.

- Ingredients absorb directly into the bloodstream via your mouth rather than wasted in the gut like pills, gummies, drops and other products.

The pouches deliver a potent combination of CBD, CBG and cannabis-derived terpenes. Each pouch comes with a 50mg cannabinoid blend of 40mg CBD and 10mg CBG.

Our proprietary formula produces a distinctive entourage effect that significantly increases the absorption of the components and their potency.

Cannabis derived terpenes deliver a unique and inspiring aroma and flavor with a hint of sweetness. No calories.

15 Pouches per premium metal can.

How to use: simply place one pouch between cheek and gum and leave for at least 20 minutes for maximum effect. Can be used up to eight times per day or as needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rick r

Just recently bought 2 cans of orange, almost done with them.amazing..for a couple of reasons for me personally. They seem to be helping me sleep better and have really calmed my arthritis.currently on vacation doing alot of walking normally at night would be in pain .I am not only thing different is these. Needless to say Just ordered more.i highly recommend. Thanks


Orange flavor lasted over an hour. Great Tasting and amazing smell. It's crazy how the terpenes shine through in the aroma. Easily one of the best tasting pouches I've ever had, and a great relaxation anti-anxiety effect.

Even better than I expected

I opened the can and the aroma hit me. Then the flavor! I loved the orange kush and it lasted FOREVER! I'm already a regular user of CBD products for sleep and usually have to use multiple because the doses are so low but just one of these is perfect now! Awesome.

Holy Sh!t

It's fantastic! The taste, the silver cans, everything! Awesome work!

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